This documentation describes the Human Lambdas API
The following pages cover everything you should be able to do through the API's various endpoints.
The API is served from the same endpoint as the front end. This is http://localhost:8000 if running locally.


The Human Lambdas API expects an HTTP Authorization header with a valid API key in order to accept the request. You can generate an API key in the Settings section of your organization's Human Lambdas account.
Here is how the Authorization header should look like:
Authorization: Token $YOUR_API_KEY
You must replace $YOUR_API_KEY with your personal API key, which you can find in Settings if you have admin level permissions.
Here's how you can include the appropriate authenticator header with curl in your terminal:
-H "Authorization: Token $YOUR_API_KEY"


Endpoints that list information have support for pagination. By default, pagination is set to 100 items. Pagination is done through the limit and offset parameters in the request URL's query string.
For example:
  •$API_RESOURCE_PATH?limit=2 will return items 0 and 1 on the list.
  •$API_RESOURCE_PATH?limit=2&offset=2 will return items 2 and 3 on the list.
Here's an example of a paginated response:
"count": 4,
"next": "$API_RESOURCE_PATH?limit=2&offset=2",
"previous": null,
"status_code": 200,
"tasks": [