Tasks are work instances within a workflow
Required parameters:
  • Organization ID. Visible in Settings.
  • Queue ID. Found in the URL when inside a queue.

The task object

A task is defined by the following properties:
  • id - A unique task identifier.
  • status - The task's status, which can be new, open, in_progress or completed.
  • completed_at. ISO 8601 formatted timestamp.
  • created_at. ISO 8601 formatted timestamp.
  • completed_by. The user's email address.
  • queue. The queue name.
  • queue_id. A unique identifier for the queue the task belongs to.
  • data. A dictionary with all the attributes that characterize the queue, according to its user defined configuration. Each key nested in the object takes the name of each block's identifier. See Blocks to learn more.
  • source. The name of the source that originated the task. Can take api , zapier, manual or $filename.csv as its value.
An example task would look like this:
"id": 169578,
"status": "completed",
"completed_at": "2020-10-08T12:56:04.206Z",
"created_at": "2020-10-08T12:55:08.546Z",
"completed_by": "[email protected]",
"queue": "Sample Workflow Name",
"queue_id": 79,
"data": {
"comment": "A random benign comment that needs to get approved"
"approve": true
"source": "api"
Create a task
Sample request:
curl -v https://api.humanlambdas.com/orgs/$ORGANIZATION_ID/queues/$QUEUE_ID/tasks/create \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Token $API_KEY" \
-d '{"data":
"comment": "This is some random text"
List a queue's completed tasks