If you want to create additional organizations or modify the default notifications behavior


Each organization is a separate tenant of Human Lambdas, meaning they're absolutely siloed from each other.
Organizations can be understood as "workspaces" or "projects", as users can belong to more than one and each organization can contain a different set of members.
Organizations can be created by anyone, and they can only be deleted by one of the organization's admins. You can switch organizations at any time through the top left menu.


Email notifications require integration with Sendgrid. See send_email in the code for the configuration required to set this up.
Every time a task is created, all members of the corresponding organization will be notified via email. Notifications are subjected to a 5-minute throttling period per queue to avoid spamming under batched task publishing types of scenarios.
You can modify this by disabling global notifications, after which you will be able to control which specific queues you want to receive notifications for.
Notification settings changes are only applied to the same individual responsible for the change.