All things user management
Users is where you can view and manage your organization's memberships.

Invite new users

You can invite users to your organization if you have their email address. Each user will have a corresponding unique URL for joining your organization. The URL will be shown in your terminal where Human Lambdas is running.
Once the invite has been generated, you will be able to track their invite's status through the same screen.
Invited users default to the lowest permission level. You have the option to change this once the invite has been generated.

Update a user's role

Each user must belong to one of the following roles:
  • Admin. Has full permissions at the organization level.
  • Worker. Can view all queues and work their tasks.
You may update anyone's role at any time. This includes invited users, even before they have created an account.

Remove a user

You may also remove users from the organization, after which they will not be able to access the org. This will have no effect to the user's other organizations, or to their future ability to create a new one.